Aluminum anode has many advantages such as anti-corrosion, electrical resistance, heat resistance, aesthetics … so that this material is popular and popular in many areas of life.

– Anticorrosion:
Natural aluminum that is resistant to corrosion and high durability. Higher corrosion resistance and more durability during anodizing for aluminum as well as its alloy. Therefore, the application of aluminum anode is quite common in the products, the connection components are required to be protected against corrosion and they also have enough hardness to withstand the abrasion over time.

– Insulation capacity:
An anode coating on the aluminum surface will form a natural insulator while most aluminum conductors.

– Heat resistance:
Compared to natural aluminum, anode aluminum is more resistant to heat and heat dissipation. Especially when anodized black dye will dissipate heat better than normal anode. This is why heat sinks are often plated and blackened to improve heat dissipation efficiency.

– High aesthetics
Aluminum anodes can be dyed to enhance the aesthetics of the product. Due to the good adhesion of the anode coating, the color of the aluminum anode material after dyeing is very stable with time.

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